Ernestine Tiutcheva’s letters were gifted to the museum “Muranovo Manor”

Acception of Tutchev's wife archive. Photo; Russian Ministry of Culture

23 letters of Ernestine Tiutcheva (nee von Pfeffel) and her brother Carl von Pfeffel were transferred to the museum-reserve “Muranovo Manor” on October 26, 2016 by the Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region.

The letters were written in 1863-1894, and all of them are addressed to Bertha von Shteler (nee von Pfeffel) – cousin of Ernestine Tiutcheva. That were her heirs, now living in Munich, who handed them over to the Center of Russian culture MIR and the Ministry of Culture. The first the content of these letters concerns Tyutchevs’ family life, but, as said the museum’s director Igor Alexandrivich Komarov, concerns matters relating to the cultural realities of Russia, Germany and France.

Fyodor Ivanovich Tiutchev (1803-1873) – one of the greatest Russian poets. The diplomat, publicist, since 1857 corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences, the privy councilor. Over a lifetime, he wrote about 300 poems, his lifetime popularity was limited by circle of literary men, and he gained wide popularity after his death in the late XIX century. In 1838 his first wife Eleonora Tiutcheva dies and in 1839 he married second time on Ernestine Dёrnberg (nee von Pfeffel).

The museum has already kept 1430 letters of Tyutchev’s second wife and her brother, and in 2017 it is planned to publish these and the newly received documents with scientific comments.

Sources: Russian Ministry of Culture, Muranovo

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