“E Vesti” together with partners conducted a cultural-political quiz

Winners of E Vesti quiz in October 2016

In October 2016 the cultural-political magazine “E Vesti” held an event among its readers. From 17-31 October 2016 all readers were invited to answer 5 questions. 8 of the 89 people that showed interest in the quiz responded brilliantly to questions.

All the winners got prizes from the cultural-political magazine “E Vesti” and its partners:

  • 3 pairs of tickets for 25.11.16 to play “Run” in the “Commonwealth of Taganka actors” awarded by the magazine “E Vesti”
  • Festive buffet and 8 sweet gifts for the winners was organized by “RC “Effet”
  • 8 packs of premium Japanese chocolate presented by manufacturer’s representative Royce
  • “Avtospetstsentr” solemnly handed 8 certificates and also provided special conditions for the purchase of vehicles in its showrooms Avtospetstsentr Mazda, ŠKODA Avtospetstsentr on Kashirke and Autospeccentre KIA Capital.

Briefly about our wonderful partners, without whom the event could not take place:

“Research Centre “Effet” ( is a Russian research company, founded in 2006. Provides a full range of services in market research and consumer behavior in Russia and abroad, including offers customized solutions and innovative approaches to marketing.

Group of companies “Avtospetstsentr” ( is one of the six largest players in the auto retail sector of Russia operating on the market since 1998. The company consists of twenty-eight dealerships in Moscow and the nearest Moscow suburbs and dealerships selling trucks.

Japanese premium chocolate Royce ( made in the eco-friendly island of Hokkaido, shows Japanese approach to manufacturing as follows: advanced technology, fine forms and flavors and the painstaking selection of natural products. Factory, founded in 1983, offers its products throughout the world today, including flagship stores in Russia.

The questions (and correct answers) to the following:

  • Art technique used by the Impressionists mentioned in the job – it’s a light show of forms. This, along with the visible brushstrokes captured fleeting scenes, everyday scenes became a hallmark of the Impressionists.
  1. The founder of the Russian theatre is the actor and theater activist Fyodor Volkov (1729-1763). He founded the first permanent Russian drama theatre.
  2. At the end of the war and the foreign campaigns of the Russian army 1812-1814, the Emperor Alexander I invited Napoleon I Bonaparte asylum in Russia.
  3. A prototype of a novel by the German writer Thomas Mann’s “Doctor Faustus” became the composer Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951), Creator of the twelve and the founder of the “new Viennese school” of music. The story of the intellectual, those who are advanced in philosophy and art, but sold his soul to the devil, has caused great popularity of the author, but dissatisfaction with a recognizable prototype.
  4. Pericles (494-429 gg BC) was the great ruler of Athens, has earned national love and become a symbol of democracy. Orator, military leader, politician – he was a model of responsibility for decision-making and an example for the citizens to follow the laws.

the Presentation of prizes took place in the company store Royce in the shopping centre Avia Park “Khodynka Boulevard, 4”.

In addition, two of the winners received a gift – the maintenance of Land Rover car from group of companies “Avilon”.