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Dynamics of production and import of passenger cars

Динамика производства и импорта легковых автомобилей

In 2014 in Russia 1.74 million cars were produced that is 9% lower than a year before. In December 2014 there was an increase in production volume (by 12.7%) compared to November 2014, but in comparison with December 2013 production decreased by 3.5%.

Sales in 2014 also decreased (by 10.3%) compared to 2013 and amounted to 2 491 thousand cars. In General, dynamics of passenger cars production and sales from 2011 to 2014 had matching periods of rise and fall.

According to PwC, in 2014 the ratio of domestic brands, foreign cars of Russian production and imported new cars in total new car sales amounted to: 18%, 55% and 28% respectively, while in 2013 this proportion was the following: 18%, 50% and 31%. In this way over the year the share of domestic brands remained stable while the number of imported cars decreased by 3%. It is a noticeable trend the increasing of Russian production cars in sales. In TOP 10 world strategic alliances by sales that have production in Russia are such manufacturers as Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, Renault-Nissan, KIA-Hyundai, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, PSA. In 2015 foreign manufacturers will continue increasing its presence in Russia, competing with each other.

According to the baseline PwC forecast for 2015, provided the market decline by 35%, ratio would be the following: 24% sold passenger cars would be Russian cars, 57% – foreign cars of Russian production, 19% – imported cars. With a significant reduction of imported cars, it is forecasted a significant increase in representation of domestic brands. Nowadays AVTOVAZ is the leader of Russian car market, while Lada sales decreased by 15% in 2014.

In 2014 Russians bought 387, 3 thousand units of Lada. This is almost two times more than an amount of sales its closest competitor – KIA brand, which sold in Russia in 2014 195,7 thousand cars (1% less than the year before).

Sources of information: Rosstat, AEB, PwC

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