Do we need meat?

Scientists have wondered: is a meat necessary for us? And traces the history of primates, from which, in their opinion, happened people.

While climate change primates were divided into 2 groups: meat eaters and “plant-processing machine”. The first, under the assumption of Complutense University, turned into people, since meat-eating has contributed to the development of the brain.

Meat contains minerals and vitamins necessary for the brain

Also Professors at Harvard, UCLA and Australian National universities have deduced the conclusion that the development of the brain is contributed much by iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and fatty acids. These elements are in sufficient quantity found in meat in the most digestible form. And, conversely, micronutrient deficiency is associated with diseases such as low intelligence, dementia, depression, autism.

In the 1980s scientists began to suspect that poor nutrition affects a number of processes in the development of children. The results of tests carried out in different parts of the world, confirmed the assumptions.

However, scientists warn against definitive interpretations of the results. On the one hand, an excess of meat, especially of poor quality, leads to heart and memory problems and to cancer. On the other hand, people are so adapted to eating meat, that lack of meat may cost them life. Especially pregnant women and children need meat. But when it is consumed is also important genetics, the overall composition of the diet of humans and animals.

Source: Nature

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