Divorce in France are supmlified

Упрощены разводы во Франции

French “La Croix” published article of Guillaume Goubert named «Divorce, the victory of individualism». Perhaps, it is difficult to express the change in French law on divorce better.

In France the Parliament has simplified divorce by mutual consent. Now divorce procedure does not require court decision, enough is to be notarized. At the same time, both spouses were obliged to pay the lawyer. The transfer of the case to the notary brings the marriage to a civil contract.

French press explores the causes and consequences of such a decision. The change was initiated in the framework of reforms of justice Minister of justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas. This is needed for relief of judges and the elimination of the waiting period for citizens.

We are living in “advanced” the country of individualism – we have long permitted these forms of divorces – we can only observe how the introduced “advanced” trends in the world. Any simplification leads to the removal of barriers, that is, in the end, the increase in divorce rates. French depressing lack of support for families in difficult times, because in the face of the judge disappears also possible mediator of the parties.

However, in France the notary dealing with cases of divorce is available for couples with children. Divorce fast and easy, just like in the Soviet Union during the first years after the revolution, is available only with the mutual consent and the performance of obligations. Plus, in France, minors may wish the proceedings in court, if he knows about it and wants to take responsibility.

Sources: La Croix, Le Monde.

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