Congress of French nationalists is in the process

French media write that on 29-30 November 2014 will be held the XV Congress of Le Front National or FN, which is a successful party of French nationalists. The Congress itself will take place without a special purpose, “in marching order”, the head of the party marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) regard it as “last stop before coming to power”. In addition, Congress sets off the events of the French political party Union for a popular Movement (Union pour un mouvement populaire or UMP), where he tries to recover power, the former President N. Sarkozy. In 2014, the party obtained good results at the local (municipal) elections 2014. Ahead of the regional stage – 2015 and then target in 2017, when have to fight for the presidency. In the European elections, the party expects more than 35-40% of the vote. The party is sufficiently United behind their leader and do not know of a fierce internal struggle as her opponents. The party and its leader will go the same course. This is the distinctive features of the party on the political horizon of France. // Paris// 28/11/2014, Source: La Croix , Le Figaro , Le Front National