Commonwealth of Taganka Actors recalls Fidel with exhibition

Fidel Castro and Yuri Gagarin

In the theater “Commonwealth Taganka Actors” on 07 March 2017 was opened an exhibition of photographs of head of Cuba Fidel Castro (1926-2016) called “Our Fidel” (in Spanish Nuestro Fidel). During March 2017 in the lobby of the theater its visitors can see many artistic portraits of the leader of the Cuban revolution, taken in different years. Each of the photos are the part of Russo-Cubian relations history and the world’s history too.

Most of these photographs are exhibited for the first time, they arrived from the archives of the participants. Interstate Union of hero-cities and “Commonwealth Taganka Actors” composed the exhibits with participants of the Embassy of Republic Cuba in the Russian Federation and the Latin American news Agency “Prensa latina”.

There are moments of Castro’s meeting with heads of Latin American countries, photos from visits of Fidel Castro in the USSR (there were 4 visits since 1963), the charming picture with Yuri Gagarin, and other picturesque memories about the life of outstanding revolutionary and fighter for the independence of Cuba.

In the opening ceremony participated members of the theatre, representatives of the Cuban Embassy, Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as people, representing our country in Cuba for many years, who had personal contact with the Cuban leader. Everyone was talking about an unusual but simple man, who lived for ideas and was full of love with people.

Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba Barbara Sarabia Martinez said that after news of the death of the Comandante people went outside and cried. “For us, Fidel is not dead”, – so expressed B. Martinez the feeling of the Cubans, and of many representatives of Latin America. “Still,” she said, “we live with pain in our hearts, and we will be able to talk objectively about him in somewhere a year later, when that pain will subside”.

Russian people were not indifferent to the departure of Fidel Castro, and though at the state level the commemoration did not happen, people from all corners of our country to the Cuban Embassy called and said words of support. Artistic Director of theater “Commonwealth Actors Taganki” N. Gubenko willingly decided to contribute to the memory of Fidel Castro and to give the audience a brilliant memory – a gallery of portraits of Fidel.

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