Commonwealth of Taganka Actors opens a new theatrical season

Commonwealth of Taganka Actors laucnhed 2016 / 2017 season

On September 12, 2016 Moscow theatre “Commonwealth of Taganka Actors” has opened a theatrical season 2016 / 2017. It is already 24th season of theatre. A collection of the troupe traditionally was combined with the celebration of the birthday of its artistic Director –Nikolai Gubenko, who turned 75 years old on August17, 2016.

On the birthday of the beloved chef offering of actors have made the whole theatrical musical poem. In an artistic form colleagues recalled the main milestones of the life and work of the artistic Director, his personal dignity, roles in movies, current theatrical productions.

In the new season, viewers of the Commonwealth of Taganka Actors will be able to see their favorite performances. 16 September 2016 will be shown time-tested “confession of the hooligan Esenin in the performance V. Ivanov-Tagansky, and September 22, 2016 most recent premiere of “Running” by Mikhail Bulgakov staged by M. Fedosova (see our corresponding article).

The audience will see premieres and directorial debut. Theatre of Commonwealth of Taganka Actors is glorious for the fact that it “grows” talented Directors to maintain the traditions of Russian theatre.

Николай Губенко с актёрами забивает монетку в сцену. Сезон Содружества Актёров Таганки 2016 открыт

The Primiere of the Commonwealth for children and parents

On 22 and 23 October 2016 Director E. Koroleva will present the premiere of a musical performance for children and their parents on the fairy tale by Valentin Kataev “Tcvetik-Semitsvetik”. The fine of performance will be decided by the audience.

Ekatherine Korolevadid this spectacle by personal reasons. She is the mother of three daughters and the play reflects the care of the Director about their education, it raises moral issues for children and parents. Here’s what she says about the play: “the Heroine Janya is a girl. How to explain to the girl what is good? It is very difficult to explain to a child what is selfishness, what is altruism. In my opinion, this is the main theme of our time, because now children grow up in prosperity, they have everything. But it seems to me that their heart is not as soft and sensitive as before, as it was in my childhood. When I look at my children, their friends and their surroundings in General, I see that they are sometimes ruthless and uncompromising. This tale is small, it is a small plot and no negative characters, which must be in drama, but we have such a villain Faina, which gives Tsvetik-Semitsvetik to experience this girl, so she spent all the petals only on her own, for her pleasure. We are watching the internal struggle, which juts love. This is a love of child, but it gives the opportunity to the girl to look at these desires, her needs quite differently, with another perspective.

The preview of the play showed that the excitement of the mother-Director turned out to be timely and modern, it is resonated with other moms and dads. “Many mothers came to me and said: “I know my daughter she says the same thing about her desires, and stomping her feet.” All recognizable and interesting for adults, because they don’t know what to do when the child becomes a monster. Foreign dolls, gadgets, TV, they begin to control the child, and his soul is almost not growing, I’m against of all this. I think this story will help to find a way for the parents and for the child,” says the Director.

Николай Коробов. Актёр и режиссер Содружества Актёров Таганки

The Primier of the Commonwealth for adults who are looking for a relax with meaning

In November 2016 will be the directorial debut of actor N. Korobov, which refers to the play of Martin McDonagh’s “the one-Armed man from Spokane”.

Nikolay Korobov talks about what prompted him to do the play that it “is the most theatrical of all the pieces of the playwright, and its acting, which is very important; the few who already plays on the stage as actors do there – very elaborate, mischievous”.

For the Director this production is a personal dilemma: “This is my debut, I’ll finish the directing Department of GITIS (state Russian Theatrical Art Institute) and for myself try to determine, is this my profession or not mine”, – says Nikolay. The motivation for directing the field arose from the understanding of the need to preserve the present theatrical art: “I love psychological drama, the theater, which was Tovstonogov, Efros. It is interesting to delve into why people do so, why think so that he was forced to do certain things. The most important question, which is solved in this case – what thing inside of usmakes usnot to hear others, not to respond to others, and to do what we want. Because all of the major ills of our world occur because we are not connected to each other, we do not feel each other and hear each other.

I would be very pleased if the audience wondered why we live and commit such terrible acts, for which we then have to pay, as it happened in this story. This is an absurd Comedy, where you find everything: from sadness to laughter, from Homeric laughter to tragedy.

Once mymom arrived in Moscow to me and I took her to the theater and noticed a strange trend. No one discussed what he saw leaving the theater. I was prompted to think – so it didn’t not “touch” the viewer. I would be happy to see if at least during 3 minutes after the performance the audience will discussit.”

The Artistic Director of the Commonwealth is preparing a surprise

In addition to leadership, Nikolai Gubenko is working on a play based on the works of Soviet classics, which will be completed by the 100th anniversary of the October revolution. The details of the future performance have not been disclosed.

Knowing that today there is increased interest in classical music, and the love of Nikolai for music, we asked him about whether he sees such trends in the theater? “Yes,” he said, ” and if You saw our performances, they abound in classical music, my films too.” N. N. Gubenko shared with us that he has the original project:

“We havea piano in lobby. I have a dream: to begin each performance with the music that corresponds thematically to the content of the play. We’ve partnered with the music with school Ippolitov, where young talents – violinists, pianists, “copper-Smiths”, as I call them, will perform those or other works. Of course, most of them will be presented classics. The idea appeared long ago, but it should be organized, because when the audience comes to the theater before the show, it had to go to the buffet, etc., it is necessary that the kids have adapted to this chaotic atmosphere.”

The mood ofDirector of the Commonwealth of Taganka Actors, starting its 24th season he determined as: “It is the mood of hope that we will match our skill level and qualifications. We hope that the audience will not leave us because they formed our audience, blazed our way to the theatre and the halls are filled. And we’re happy. We hope we will meet the audience’s trust.”

It remains only to wish good luck to team of the Commonwealth.


Commonwealth of Taganka Actors.