China’s economy will grow in 2016, despite the difficulties

Экономика Китая вырастет в 2016 году, несмотря на трудности

Vice President of China Zhang Gaoli at the forum in Beijing announced that, despite difficulties, China’s economy will achieve growth in 2016. His words are quoted by Agency Reuters. In the plans of China the GDP growth of 6.5-7%.

The government will be forced to weaken the leverage of state regulation, will resort to large-scale impact, but will use other means of exposure, including bankruptcy.

The Ministry of Commerce of China shows that in March 2016 appeared signs of improvement in foreign trade. The government is engaged in structural regulation of exports and upgrading of exports. The formation of competitive advantages of Chinese companies is also in the process of becoming.

In January-March 2016 trade of China (the leader in world trade volumes of exports and imports) fell by 5.9% by 2015, to $0.8 trillion.

Sources: Reuters, ZheMinZheBao.