CCI: the Requirement to replace the cash register needs to be hold

S. Katyrin, president of Trade Chamber of Russia

The Federal Tax Service (FTS Russia) is preparing to oblige all businesses to replace old cash registers (CCP) to the new one that can instantly send information about the purchase (law 54-FZ). The head of the Chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI) S. Katyrin expressed concern that such a burden on business may encourage him to “think about leaving in the shadow”.

This conclusion was preceded by a study of the effects of the entry into force of the new law, which demonstrated that the negative effects can significantly exceed revenues in the budget: “We passed the entire chain, and the result is that in reality the business will pay 50’000 RUR and more for installing new equipment, join network, training is necessary, plus regular maintenance costs. These additional costs, especially in the regions, is too expensive for a small business”.

Due to the fact that the amount of compensation the business is 18’000 RUR only, S. Katyrin proposed to increase it or to postpone the adoption of the law. In April 2017 at the conference on CCI and FTS will discuss how to find a compromise.


Trade Chamber of Russia

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