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BMW will build a new plant in Mexico

BMW plant in Mexico. Photo: BMW Group

As said in an interview with BBC Director of marketing and sales of the German carmaker from Bavaria Ian Robertson (Bayerische Motoren Werke, Ian Robertson), the company is determined to create a plant for the production of BMW 3-series in Mexico, despite the hostility to such project from the newly elected President of the USA of Donald Trump. Investment in the plant will amount to 1 billion dollars.

Trump announced that he will impose a tax products to automakers, produced in Mexico for the American market and exempt from taxes. This measure has convinced Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to migrate production of three Jeep models in the US, Ford adapted the same plan and moved production to Michigan, and Toyota got a warning about expediency of organization of production in Mexico.

BMW has also invested 1 billion in the construction of a plant in South Carolina and is the largest exporter of cars from the USA.

Source: BBC