Berlin at present

Германия сегодня

Already at the entrance to Berlin we wonder at impressive number of historic houses and churches, which are in immaculate condition. It is remarkable, that owners of old building are oblidged to keep them perfect, to repair the facade, the reliefs and so on.

When join Berlin nearby villages kept their churches and management. In such regions, huge amounts of money are spent on maintaining roads in their original form – cobbly. Most residents would prefer to fill the roads with asphalt, but, paved roads are considered to be historical heritage.

In time of Federal and Socialist German republics, in the period of the “cold war”, as whole Germany, Berlin was divided into two parts and was placed under international control of the victorious countries of the Second World War. Eastern part passed to the Soviet Union, while England, USA and France influences the West. This, in separated country was formed two capitals. In Eastern, as well as in Western Berlin was own television tower, the Central Cathedral, town hall and so on. After the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Germany in 1989-1990, the capital united once again, but now it has duplicated oblects as mentioned.

During the Cold war and now the government is mainly engaged in the improvement and construction of the Western part of the country, what causes the discontent of the population of East. Currently, the government introduced a special tax on landscaping the Eastern part of the country.