Belgian Francis Goya was appeasing the audience in the Kremlin Palace

On March 04, 2017 the Grand Kremlin Palace accepted the guest of honor known since Soviet times by fans of virtuoso guitar. It was a Belgian musician Francis Goya, who came to Moscow to give just one concert accompanied by the St. Petersburg orchestra of Condord Orchestra.

Francis Goya (real name François Weyer) was born in 1946 in a family of musicians. He is performer of pop (and folk) songs for classical guitar, totally recorded about 50 albums.

The current concert of the famous guitarist named “Royal melodies”, which he played with the Symphony orchestra of Concord, included the author’s arrangements of famous songs of the XX century, included in the Golden Fund of pop art. Among them we find “Imagine” by John Lennon, “Tears in heaven” by Eric Clapton, ” Summet time” by George Gershwin, “Nostalgia” of his own composition, and other equally famous works of different genres.

Hall applauded, barely recognize the melody; it started to applaud even before the end of each piece, but the artist remained unmoved and meet the people with his quiet friendly smile. Each tune, incredibly difficult technically, dramatic by its design, regardless of genre and methods of play located above the bustle and immersed the viewer in a peaceful setting. There were, however, surprises.

In 1981 Francis Goya played at the Bolshoi theatre of Russia, accompanied by folk instruments and men’s choir, and released a CD called Moscow Nights, which became a Russian album of the guitarist, because it includes the “Moscow nights”, “Kalinka”, “Stenka Razin” and other typical popular songs and romances. The title song at the concert on March 04, became the subject of the drawing and gave the opportunity for two spectators to receive a free disk of the musician and in addition to kiss him.

Then the hall sang “Moscow nights”. Slender voices of the audience sounded quiet, even bland. The listeners were relaxed and put down. Actually, this is why they came to the concert.


The Kremlin Palace

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