Became known the best restaurants of Moscow in 2016

Wheretoeat premium 2016 was awarded in Moscow

Wheretoeat award presented a ranking of the best restaurants of Moscow, at the choice of the professionals of the restaurant industry, observers and hoteliers, on October 25, 2016 in the press center TASS. An annual award was established in 2013 with the support of S. Pellegrino and AcquaPanna.

A dozen of the best restaurants of Moscow, presented by the producer of the project Wheretoeat Irina Tiusonina, is following:

White Rabbit

A good restaurant of Russian cuisine, nestled on Smolensk square with an excellent overview of Moscow from the 16th floor. Restaurateur Boris Zarkov, chef Vladimir Mukhin.

Business card of the restaurant is old recipes brought from Russian products, and combined with the author’s findings (veal tongue in cherëmukhovo test etc)


The experimental restaurant of author’s cuisine of twin brothers Ivan and Sergei Berezutsky.

AQ Kitchen

Restaurant of Chef Adrian quetglas, which serves dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of the peoples of the world: Spanish, Moroccan, Lebanese, Thai, Russian, etc.

Cafe Pushkin

The gourmet restaurant of Russian cuisine, that is Russian and French cuisine, and the corresponding interior and traditions of the service. Restaurateur Andrei Dellos, chef Andrei Makhov.


A traditional Italian restaurant, named after a traditional Sicilian ice cream with candied fruit, also served in the restaurant. Chef Nino Graziano.


The author of Russian cuisine restaurant, located on the site of the pre-revolutionary coffee house restaurant Metropol. Brand chef Andrei Shmakov. The restaurant also arranged a tour of chefs from Iceland.


The experimental restaurant of author’s cuisine from restaurateurs William Lamberti and Ilya Turenkova. Chef – George Trojan.


The restaurant of author’s European cuisine of rustic type from restaurateur Arkady Novikov. Italian cheeses mozzarella, burrata, a “quick Breakfast”, caciotta and ricotta cooked in the restaurant.

Dr. Zhivago

A restaurant with Russian and Soviet cuisine products from the Russian products from Alexander Rappoport. It is located on the ground floor of the hotel “National”. In the center of the room there is vodka room, exposing Russian vodka, Polukarov and moonshine.


Restaurant of Russian author’s cuisine with Asian elements, a project of restaurateur Andrei Dellos. Chef Anton Kovalkov.


In addition to restaurants, the jury determines the “Chef of the year, Sommelier of the year” and “Restaurant columnist of the year”.

In an interview with cultural and political magazine “E Vesti” best chef of the year, the Argentine Adrian Quetglas (restaurants Chicken AQ, AQ Kitchen and Grand Cru) explained that this kind of recognition means a culinary master.

E Vesti: I would like to know what You feel, becoming the best chef of Moscow?

Quetglas A.: It’s very nice and gives an incentive to do more and better. I would like to do more. For me and for my team too. After all, I now have a very good team, and there’s nothing I could do without a team. And it is also an incentive to work on.

EV: Why did You choose to become a chef?

Quetglas A.: There are a lot of factors. It happened thanks to my dad, my mom, and there was such situation that I went to study. But it is not only that you went and began to learn to cook – it will not give birth to cook. I learn every time I am learning all the time.

EV: What for You the main result in the profession chef? When people are happy?

Quetglas A.: The most important is the contact with the guests… It’s when you see smiles and pleasure on their faces that they liked your work. This is the best.

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