Avtomir group opened its new Skoda dealership in Novosibirsk

Avtomir Bogemia Novosibirsk - new Skoda dealership. Photo: Avtomir

New Skoda showroom – Avtomir Bohemia of Novosibirsk has been officially launched at Prospekt Energetikov in Novosibirsk. It is the 8th Skoda dealership of the holding in Russia. According to interview of Tatiana Lavrenova PR Director of the company to “Continent Siberia” newspaper, Avtomir is going to sell 300 Skoda cars in the city in 2017.

Avtomir Group is one of the largest national automotive holdings in Russia. Its portfolio includes 18 car brands in 48 showrooms in 15 cities of Russia and 3 cities of Kazakhstan. The company sold 41’810 new and 14’859 used cars in 2016 year. It employs more than 5.5 thousand people.

This is the sixth showroom, and the sixth brand of national dealer in the city. He also represents Toyota, Hyundai, Suzuki, Volkswagen and Renault here.

New Skoda dealership is located at the site formerly occupied by Toyota brand, which in its turn moved to a new building of Avtomir at Stantsionnaya street.

In the city, Skoda brand is also presented by showroom of Alt-Park Group, which sold 378 new cars of the Czech brand in 2016 year. In addition, it signed the agreement, which assumes opening of its second Skoda showroom in Nikitin street.

Sources: Avtomir Bohemia Novosibirsk, Avtomir Group, Continent of Siberia

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