AVAExpo festival in St. Petersburg

The 9th AVAExpo festival will be held on December 5 and 6 in Lenekspo exhibition complex in St. Petersburg. This festival is the largest annual festival of pop culture in Russia. The event gathers under the same roof fans of various types and genres of mass art: movies and TV series, books, comics, cartoons and computer games, science fiction and fantasy, mystery and cyberpunk. AVAExpo unites Russian, American, Japanese cultures and not only gives people the opportunity to express creativity, but also develops mass culture.

The program of the festival is rich and various. As usual, its foundation is an annual cosplay competition, which gathers a huge number of participants, coming not only from Russia but also from neighboring countries. Cosplay appeared in Japan among fans of anime and manga, and quickly became a popular hobby, not only in Japan but also in other countries. The participants of cosplay dress up in the costumes of famous characters and try to recreate carefully the images of their favourite characters The cosplay audience will see few blocks of costume shows, lots of nominations and the authoritative jury. Every year the participants, trying to excel themselves, represent more and more costumes, work on which is sometimes takes several months.

Besides, visitors will see different stands, presentations, lectures, round tables, workshops and meetings with special guests, including writers, artists, bloggers and members of the popular online projects. In a game zone there will be held board and video games tournaments. All the visitors can take part in the live quests and other interactive entertainments. Also there will be a trade zone with numerous thematic shops, where will be possible to get collection figures, souvenirs, fan attributes, books and comics works.


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