Autumn Antique salon organized a pavilion for hunters

Alfred Dubucand, "Hunting ostrich in Sahara"

On October, 15-23, 2016 the Moscow Central House of artists with the support of the Ministry of culture hosts the 41st Antiquarian salon. The autumn salon has been eagerly awaited by the vintage luxury consumers, collectors and dealers of trading in antiques. Moreover, those people who are not going to buy valuable old things, can come here and get acquainted with the exhibits, as they often resemble a Museum exposition.

A pavilion “Hunt is my passion” was organized for the first time at the exhibition. As the curator of the pavilion told, the expert of the Ministry of culture of Russia and the candidate of historical sciences Lyudmila Aronovna Dementyeva, “most antique dealers and collectors are hunters”. The exhibits may decorate a cabinet of a hunter, and a rare-story figurine “Hunting tigers” by unknown author shines in the center of the collection. In the 1860-ies, after the annexation of Central Asia (former Turkestan) a jauntily, dangerous hunting was an entertainment for the Russian officers allocated there.

The “Hunting service” from the Imperial residence in the Bialowieza forest is the most valuable subject of the “Hunting pavilion”, the hunting grounds of the Russian tsars. The service began to gather in the times of Catherine II, when it was started with a present of the Empress to her favourite Grigory Orlov. Then, the pieces of plate were bought by the other tsars.

A collector of antiques from St.-Petersburg Mikhail A. Suslov (Suslov Fine Arts) brought the Russian portrait paintings to the exhibition. The collection includes the portraits of the Russian emperors and nobles by V. borovikovskiy, I. Kupetsky, V. Tropinin, N. GE, D. Levitsky and others. In particular, it includes 3 portraits of Peter I by three artists: Antoine Peng, Nikolai Ge and Jan Kupetsky. The works allow you to experience how different can be the images of one person.

Natalia Spivak (Russkiy modern) brought the rare paintings by Fyodor Vasilyev to the Salon. She also brought the works by A. Lahovsky, D. Burliuk, and also the works by one of favorite artists of Nicholas II I. Krachkovsky and other.

The interior is full of decorations of the Imperial house and the modern jewelers, ceramics and furniture and many any trifles from all over the world. Another thing that is extremely important, when buying such things: the experts to establish the authenticity and attribution of acquired values are situated on the ground floor: the Scientific and research Independent examination named after Pavel Tretyakov, the Center of expertise named after I. Repin and others.

Similar salons are held in Europe. For instance, on October 21, 2016 Antique Fair Colmar 2016 and Antiquaries d’angers (Angers and Colmar, France) will start, and Nostalga 2016 will start in the German Oldenburg on October, 22. Love of vintage things has no boundaries.