Archeological excavations on Kara-Tau

Артефакты с места раскопок. Фото Министерства Культуры РФ

In July 2016, with the support of the Ministry of culture in Belogorskiy district of the Republic of Crimea the rescue archaeological excavations began of an ancient sanctuary located on the Northern side of mount Kara-Tau.

In 2012-2015, the monument of archeology was subjected to the harsh predatory attacks of the “black diggers”, which left behind a heap of pits.

As a result of sifting of soil, the members of the expedition found many historical artifacts: the glass, cornelian, amber and jet beads, bronze brooches, iron parts of wooden caskets, fragments of terracotta figurines and terracotta masks, iron arrowheads, stucco figuras and their fragments and more.

The most striking finds were a bronze brooch with gold plate, depicting the Roman goddess of luck Fortuna, as well as the distinctive Scythian zoomorphic plastic (clay figurines of animals and birds).

According to a preliminary analysis, the rites and ritual sacrifices were held at the sanctuary in the II-III centuries ad.

Currently, the members of the expedition will continue to explore the areas of the sanctuary undamaged by the “black diggers”.

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