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Antique salon will present novelties Antiques 42 times

Spring Antique Show 2017

In the Central house of artists (Moscow, Krymsky Val, 10) from 25 March to 2 April, will be held the 42-th Russian antique salon — the most comprehensive regarding exhibits and the most representative professional exhibition of Russia. It traditionally will give the opportunity to learn about current scientific problems of collecting Antiques, to buy, antibaterial and appreciate some Antiques, and also to see the works of art created from antiquity to the present day in Russia and globally.

The spring (there is also autumn!) Antique salon will provide a platform for the 240 gallery owners from different parts of Russia and all over the world. Painting, decorative and applied art, numismatics, porcelain, furniture and many othe antique things will appear before the eyes of the audience. In particular, pictures “Type of drunkard” by Vladimir Makovsky, “Tanya and Kate” by Zoe Serebryakova, “Sunset. The hut on the hilly banks of the river” by Alexey Savrasov will be exhibited.

The Central exhibition of the event is “One Thousand and one tale of the East”, where the researcher of Oriental costume Elena Lisovskaya will tell about the traditions of clothing of the inhabitants of the East, as well as of the oriental jewelry of XIX – early XX century.

The leading antique galleries created thematic expositions like: “Jewellery Russia”, “From art Nouveau to Modernism”, “Western European painting of the XVII century”, “Masterpieces of Russian porcelain” and others

Antique salon will not do without modern interactive solutions. Design center Design & Decoration Center has prepared the actual photos of modern designs called “Antiques in a modern interior”. They are made by modern Russian designers.

Antique salon is opened from 25 March to 02 April 2017.