Annually 56 kg of food per person is thrown away in Russia

Food and Agriculture organization of ONU. Photo:

According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), today 800 partners joined a special program of reducing waste food – “Save food”.

Initiative is fully correlated with the age-old Russian tradition of gratitude for their daily bread. Who throws bread – we believe – will starve.

January 24, the movement was joined by Dairy Union of Russia, Fond of food “Rus” and other companies taking part in Packaging-2017 exhibition in Moscow. Official joining ceremony of Russia to the movement and Russian part of the compaign was officially launched there.

The program provides a range of actions to awareness of the problem, which entails throwing out of food, and runing events that bring together all participants of the process – from production to its disposal, due to losses were accounted at all stages. Program participants receive support in the form of development of effective measures to reduce losses. And joint PR in order to raise public awareness of the problem of throwing food against the background of starving people on the planet.

According to Rosstat, annually 56 kg of food per person is thrown away in Russia. 20-25% is lost even before reaching the consumer.

Sources: FAO

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