An overview of the repertoire of the Moscow Conservatory in September 2016

Открытие сезона 2016/17 в Московской консерватории им. П.И. Чайковского

In September 2016 in the Moscow Conservatoire after P. Tchaikovsky (MC) will take place a series of programs and events that will interest many people despite their professional education. The program is designed so that it includes time-tested masterpieces, and the performers are of the highest professional level is a well – established musicians of international fame, and those who are in the beginning of the recognition.

Higher music school, or Conservatory, was opened in Moscow 01(13)of september 1866, in the house of the Baroness Cherkasova on Vozdvizhenka street. Those classes that existed before and private training to play an instrument seemed not enough. The need of opening the Conservatory promoted the Russian music society headed by the brothers Rubinstein. Systematic musical education was aimed, by A. Rubinstein: “at elevating the value of Russian music and Russian artists”.

Concerts at the Conservatory are held daily, some of them inscribed in the educational process for mutual education process with the audience, part of special projects, competitions and commemorative events. In addition, the halls of the Conservatory can accommodate events guests – other musical organizations.

In September 2016 in halls of the Moscow Conservatoire will host the following significant events, which promise a particularly vivid impression:

A series of concerts for the 150th anniversary of the Moscow Conservatory

On September 12, 2016 at the Conservatory will start anniversary concerts, devoted to the 150-year anniversary. On this day is playing a Symphony orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory, conductor – Honored artist of Russia A. A. Levin, the soloist on the piano in the First Concert of Tchaikovsky Andrey Gugnin (class of Professor Vera Gornostaeva) and Nikita Mndoyants (class of Professor Nikolai Petrov). Young musicians in the summer of 2016 once again became winners of international competitions in Australia and the USA respectively. The second part performs Suite by I. Stravinsky from the ballet “the Firebird”, as amended in 1945.

In fact, the day of the Foundation of the Conservatory is 13th September, on this Day are opening Symphony 16/17 seasons with the participation of professors, postgraduates and students of the Conservatory.

On September 13, 2016 will be held a Gala Concert of the “Soloists of Moscow” with the participation of Yuri Bashmet, N. Lugansky, Z. Sotkilava and V. Tretyakov, who will be performing works by Medtner, Mozart, Panelli, Sorocaba, Franck and Tchaikovsky.

On September 14, 2016 will visit the cadet band of the military conductors with their repertoire (conductors Sokolov, I. Tupikov), students and graduates of the Central music school at the Conservatory and also conductor of the A. A. Levin, who will deliver the school of the Moscow Conservatory with the lead singer-a graduate of the Conservatory, a laureate of the Tchaikovsky competition Narek Hakhnazaryan (concert Saint-Saens). In the programme of Weber, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky, Chernetsky, Agapkin, as well as parts of “Romeo and Juliet” by S. Prokofiev.

On September 15, 2016 will be a big concert of State quartet after Borodin with a master’s student Symphony orchestra of the Conservatory (the 5th Symphony by Tchaikovsky), conductor is Valery Polyanskiy. The concert will include works by Rossini, Saint-Saëns – ysaÿe, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff and Schostakovich.

On September 29, 2016 will host a concert of Russian and Korean musicians, hosted jointly with the Embassy of South Korea. In the program E. Grieg, J. Brahms, J. Verdi, P. Tchaikovsky, as well as Korean works. Conservatory with Korean musicians, long-standing cooperation, the country is experiencing a flourishing musical culture. Conservatory the concert of the great violinist JI young Lee, winner of international competitions, including D. Oistrakh, I. Brahms, and Professor A. Pisarev will play the Concert of E. Grieg.

V international festival music of the Renaissance “LA RENAISSANCE”

On September 10, 2016 early music ensemble Alta Capella, founded in 2009, will be held in the Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow Conservatory “a walk in the French traverse flute” with the support of the French Institute at the French Embassy (Institut français Russie). The ensemble will be joined by a large French expert on the modern flute and traverse flute, a graduate of the Paris and Brussels conservatories, laureate of international competitions and Professor Jean-Marie Pina (Jean-Marie Pinet). With this tool, having an authentic vintage sound, will feature music from different eras, from the eighteenth century to the present: P. D. Philidor, J. M. Ottmer, J. M. LeClair, C. Debussy, J. p. Rameau, E. Varez, F. Couperin.

Concert of the conservatory will be the third concert of the festival of 2016. There will also participate the students of the Conservatory.

Film music. 2016 – The Year Of Russian Cinema

On September 22, 2016. The name of the program “Serenade in Sun Valley. Music Hollywood here for a reason – the concert is associated with the cinema, but the unity high music and high film turns into a philosophical reflection.

Evgeniya Krivitskaya (organ, piano in concert) describes the essence of the upcoming evening: “Our program is not just music, but a concert performance, where used classical music (e.g. Mahler “Death in Venice”), visuals, poetry… Actor P. Tataritsky will play all the roles: Chris from Solaris, Mayakovsky in “Lady and the hooligan” by his own work. Everything will be linked to each other by serious thought… We tried to make it non-linear, our straps are high.

XVIII international music festival “SOUL of JAPAN”

On September 24, 2016 will host a concert of Japanese music. “Soul of Japan” arose in 1999, after 6 years after the emergence of the Japanese class. The program is called the “Soul of Japan”, or “the essence of the Japanese people.” The Japanese ensemble WA-ON will arrive in Russia with Japanese instruments, a long zither Koto, bamboo flute. With us being famous and very experienced musicians, who consider it a great honour to come here.

“This festival has become a development line at the Moscow Conservatory, because since 1993 we have a class of Japanese music. After the concert one of the great Japanese singer, the students gathered and said that he would like to play this music, to do it. She began to arrive and each time I left the tools. Students work out with her 2-3 weeks in its absence the whole year preparing their program. Then began to go to Japan to study and there was a Japanese class,” says Margarita up Karatygin.

“Some of the visitors to the festival musicians go to the title of “national treasure” in Japan, which means a special honour and guardianship, as well as the possible difficulty of leaving the country. Association of music Hogaku the XXI century was created around one of these “treasures”. It gives a concert at the Conservatory on September 07. Literally translation of Ho-HAK is a “Japanese sound”, it is designed to connect the older generation with the youth and to preserve the tradition,” she says, the imagination of the Japanese striking is the fact that the Rector A. Sokolov, Vice-rector V. V. Sukhanov and M. I. Up Karatygina were awarded the highest award os the Korean the Emperor”.

The Baton Of Faith

On September 30, 2016 piano Concerto of Chopin will open the music festival “Baton of Faith”. It is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Professor of the Moscow Conservatory Vera Gornostaeva, who has trained a galaxy of talented performers. The concert will feature the participation of her students and assistants, who work at the Conservatory, and V. Gornostaeva’s daughter Ksenia Knorre and also her grandson, Lukas Geniušas.

This title has a double meaning – it’s a relay race of Faith in its highest sense, in meaning of the transmission of faith from person to person, and because my mother’s name was Vera (translated as Faith), and the other mening is the pedagogical value of her pass of skills to others. Chopin concert which will be played on her Angel’s Day is dedicated to the feast of saints Vera, Nadezhda and Ljubov (Faith, Hope and Love). For my mother, Chopin was one of my favorite authors and she was an outstanding interpreter of Chopin’s music brought many laureates of Chopin competition – hence the opening festival concert. Besides, as stated Pasternak:

Again, Chopin is not looking for benefits,
But he arrises on the fly,
He paves the output alone
From belief to the rightness»,

– so Ksenia Knorre explained to “E Vesti” the idea of the festival, its essence.

Other concerts of the festival “Baton of Faith” will be her famous students.

The Chopin piano competition will take place on 17 and 18 September 2016

On September 09, 2016 in the Children’s Music School (DMS) of Moscow conservatory officially opened the international competition of young pianists held since 1991. The competition is held in 4 rounds. Listening of the first three rounds will be held in the music school.

Director of competition (for the 10th time) – Mikhail Alexandrov. The competition jury headed by people’s artist of Russia, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory Michael Voskresensky.

The finale of the contest, closing and gala concert of the winners accompanied by Symphony orchestra will be held on 17 and 18 September 2016 at the Conservatory. Conductor is Vladimir Ryzhaev. For those who would like to hear a brilliant young pianists, this is a great chance.


In addition to those programs that we have identified, there are plenty of interesting concerts, especially for those who are interested in specific composers, countries or works. For more details, please see the Poster on the website of the Conservatory.

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