Amsterdam museum’s exhibition will explore Daubigny’s influence on Van Gogh

"Daubigny's Garden", Vincent van Gogh, 1890. Photo -

On October, 21, 2016, the exhibition “Daubigny, Monet, van Gogh: impressions of landscape” has opened in Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This exhibition is devoted to the work of Daubigny and aims to investigate for the first time the influence of the founder of impressionism on the works of Vincent van Gogh.

Charles-Francois Daubigny (1817-1878) – a painter of the Barbizon school, one of the most important French landscape painters of the nineteenth century. In his works, he aspired to the absolute truth and tried to keep the spontaneity and immediacy of the landscape. His style of applying paint that created a three-dimensionality in pictures and the brushstrokes influenced the Impressionists of the XIX century.

Daubigny worked on his paintings from a studio boat in the middle of the river, inspiring other artists such as Claude Monet. The Visitors of the exhibition can experience painting landscapes from Daubigny’s perspective themselves with the modern, multimedia version of a studio boat especially designed for the exhibition.

Daubigny had a significant influence on the impressionists, including such masters as Monet, Pissarro and Sisley. Van Gogh considered him to be one of the forerunners in the “beginning of the great revolution in art”. The exhibition accurately illustrates the interaction between Daubigny and the Impressionists, and the French artist’s influence on Vincent van Gogh. The latter even dedicated a painting to him, for which he visited the house of the artist in Auvers. “Daubigny’s garden” was painted in the impressionistic manner, a slope covered with grass and flowers became the main plot.

Running alongside the exhibition, the highlights from the collection of French landscape drawings arepresented in the Print Room. In addition, at 3:30 pm every Thursday, the guests will be able to join one of the free Gallery Talks and explore the exhibition highlights together with a museum tour guide.

The exhibition will run until January, 29 2017. The price for adults is 17 EUR. The entrance is free for the visitors under 18 years old.

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