All-Russian agricultural census

Всероссийская сельскохозяйственная перепись

On July 01, 2016 in Russia started all-Russian agricultural census, which will last until August 15. It is necessary to collect more complete information on the state of agriculture in the country and international comparisons.

Given the timing, objectives and methodology of the census, we can say that it is actually a part of another 10-year round of the world agricultural census initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO). Currently in Australia and New Zealand census takes place every year in Germany and Holland – every 4 years, in USA and Canada – every 5 years.

The current global round held under the new methodology, in which countries carried out a census of individual modules. When conducting a basic module based on complete enumeration, gathers a limited set of key data. Thereafter, one or more additional modules to collect more detailed data of a structural nature. This approach allows us to minimize costs and to collect a wider range of data than in previous censuses. The new program also provides for the collection of data on infrastructure at the community level.

In Russia, the previous agricultural census was conducted in 2006 and the 1920s.

The census will cover 48’500 agricultural organizations, 167’700 farm households, 51’800 individual entrepreneurs 23.4 million individual farms of citizens, 77’000 horticultural and cottage associations, including 12.7 million land plots of citizens.


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