AEB and GFK researched on business attractiveness in Russia

Association of European Businesses and GFK Russia united again to evaluate level of business comfort in Russia and held in April 2016 research among 600 members of AEB.

Responses were received from approximately 100 respondents. This study was the 9th annual review of the situation of business climate in Russia. The main conclusion of the study were signs of improving sentiment, particularly with respect to long-term prospects of doing business in Russia.

The index of investment climate, which started falling since 2012, has improved by 14 points by 2015 – thus, there has been a shift to optimism. The main factors of the good mood become the high potential and large market size. The main negative seen by the respondents in the devaluation of the ruble. 21% of companies assess the situation “worse than expected” and these became less.

Dr. Frank Schauff. AEB and GFK press-conference

The majority of European companies working in Russia, consider the financial terms are reasonable, although have become more concerned about rising interest rates. Barriers and challenges business face in the bureaucratic field, from government agencies and regulatory limitations.

For reference. The AEB in Russia unites businessmen doing business in Russia, and lobbying for their interests at all levels of government. The GFK research company with headquarters in Germany, formed in 1934. The review is based on the index of business sentiment, calculated according to the methodology of an integral approach.

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