Advises for choosing an apartment to rent

Lending apartment

It is only seems that to rent an apartment is a simple thing now. However, the realtors, and everyone who once had to deal with this problem, know that a potential tenant may face a lot of problems. So do not neglect some cautions in this matter.

Many people who have had to rent private accommodation, believe that the main adviser in this case-observation is the ability not to miss the smallest nuances and not to hurry. These two qualities have helped many people to avoid unpleasant surprises when you search lessors of residential meters, and in the process of settling into rental housing.

Among the qualities that lead to negative result, perhaps, the most important is habit to hurry without spending time for reflection, for verification of information and clarification of important details. Tenants with experience believe that such approach is fundamentally wrong. Even if the offer seems very tempting, a realtor or the owner of the apartment says that there is already a long queue of people hoping to take it home – do not rush.

You should better to inspect the premises personally, to pay attention to the quality and condition of walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, plumbing, appliances and so on.

Thus, one should not hesitate to ask questions and make comments. For example, you better clarify, who will pay in case of need for repair work, and whether the owner to compensate it for tenants, or owner is ready to pay for the repair. Not be amiss to inspect the kitchen, to assess the quality of the gas stove, and to go to the balcony and to check windows.

Actually, the windows require special note. If it is old, poorly heat-trapping window – it can cause great disappointments. In the cold season thermometer can stay long on the unpleasant low point, and in summer, poorly sealed Windows can be a hindrance for stable operation of the air conditioner.

Extremely important point may be the condition of the wiring. There’s nothing wrong in asking the apartment owner to switch several energy-intensive appliances. For example, water heater, washing machine, TV and reflector. If the wiring has passed this test – the tenants can breathe a sigh of relief.

If you are going to enter the rented apartments with own furniture – you should better warn the owner.

The identity of the owner of the apartment is also a serious point. If the person is not initially very helpful with future tenants or showed excessive love of money, trying to set too harsh conditions for tenants (for example, obliged them to exercise daily in the apartment the final cleaning, etc.), it is a sign how comfortable will be further communication with him.

If in the course of communication and inspection of the apartment no problems have arisen, it is time to clarify the questions of payment. Delicate and reasoned bargaining helps to reduce slightly the apartment price. However, you should not to overcriticize an apartment or to do the comments towards the owner. This can lead to the opposite effect.

Another point – ask the future neighbors about the apartments. Sometimes it helps to learn important and useful details.

Finally, if you’re fully convinced that this house is really the best possible, it is a time to move on to the conclusion of the lease. This document is an additional guarantee of security for the tenant (the document must be strictly specified conditions and terms of payment), and for the owner of the premises (the guarantee of money and security of his property).

If we are talking about lending for a short period – the contract may not be concluded. Instead, the owner of the residential meters can take a deposit, which should be returned to tenants after they left the apartment and returned the keys.

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