A. Loukashenko met Belorussian intellectuals

А.Лукашенко встретился с представителями белорусской творческой интеллигенции

On October 23, 2014 President of Belorussia Loukashenko met with representatives of creative intellectuals of the country. The state is waiting for creations, which would educate citizens and grow up patriotism, and is ready to help any support for development of literary traditions. Question on adecuacy of Belorussian authors’ quantity in school programme was posed. Participants of the meeting beleive, that Belorussian language must be promoted in the country and outside it. Proposal on creation of state university where Belorussian language could be core was given too. In 2014 in Belorussia will be held literary concours. // Minsk // 15/10/2014, Source: A. Loukashenko