5 days of Fyodor Konyukhov in the Historical Museum

F. Konyukhov. Way to pole. Photo: State History Museum

Only 5 days, from 12 to 17 January 2017, the State Historical Museum (SHM) have the opportunity to meet with a cozy exposure Fyodor Konyukhov in the Festive hall of the Museum. Several lithographs, books, video film about traveling and the gear will appear before their eyes before the next journey of our great contemporary Fyodor Konyukhov. He will fly in the stratosphere in a hot air balloon soon.

Exhibition called “Russian space”, shows such roles of the traveler who reached five poles as a writer (he is the author of 17 books) and art (he has created more than 3’000 pictures). Moreover, his activities are accompanied by systematic training – he graduated from the Odessa marine College as Navigator, Bobruisk art College, Leningrad Arctic College as a marine engineer. All of the expeditions of F. Konyukhov are of great scientific value and will promote our country in history. The task of the next journey is to beat the absolute world record of the Japanese, who spent there, 50 hours 39 minutes.

And that’s not all, because he combines creativity and travel with teaching. Such talents can be given to a man only by God. Since 2010, father Fedor Konyukhov is Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The project “Russian cosmos” is part of the project “Costos”, which is held by father Fyodor, designer and singer Vika Tsyganova and Italian composer Fiorenzo Zanotti in order to tell the world about the spiritual revival of Russia with the help of professional tools of each of the participants. In the future Vika Tsiganova and father Fyodor Konyukhov plan to create designer clothes together.

Sources: Konyukhov, Kushnir

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