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38th Moscow movie festival to begin

Начинается 38 Московский кинофестиваль

On June 20-30, 2016 the film fans will be able to soak up the atmosphere of the motion pictures contest at the opening night, enjoy the retrospective and out-of-competition showings, as well as other occasional events. Together with a TV-channel ArtistTV, a media partner of the movie festival E-Vesti magazine will cover the key news of the event.

The movie festival has its origins in 1935, and Nikita Mikhalkov stays its president from 1999. The contest jury usually includes celebrities. At the end of the festival, one of the film producers will become the first prize winner and some other participants will gain the prizes for the best director’s performance, contribution to the world cinema, as well as other special prizes by the decision of jury and audience.

The main festival program will start with a film “Gum-shoes” by Sergei Soloviev. The contest will also include such films, as “Monk and demon” by Nikolai Dostal, “37” by Puk Grasten, “Intrigues” by David Grienko, “Eccentrics” by Janusz Majewski, “Mary and losers” by Sebastien Betbeder, “Daughter” by Reza Mirkarimi, “Machinist’s diary” by Milos Radovic, etc. The jury of the main competition will be represented by Ivaylo Hristov (Bulgaria), Ulrike Ottinger (France), Randhir Kapoor (India), Victoria Isakova (Russia) and Rashid Nugmanov (Kazakhstan)

On June 24-29, 2016 an informational movie showing will take place at the Central House of filmmakers of the Filmmaking Union of Russia, and the new films of the Russian moviemakers will be shown in the Great hall of the house, whereas the documentary movies will be screened in the Small hall. Among occasional programs of the event, “30 years without Tarkovsky” will be exposed in the White hall, the director’s oeuvre will be the headline of the program and it will also include the director’s films showings and biography. An exposition of art photographer Alexander Tyagny-Ryadno and the round tables will also take place at the event.