20th Artweek exhibition opened in Moscow on April 23, 2016

23 апреля 2016 года открылась 20-я Российская неделя искусств

On April 23, 2016 at Tretyakov gallery on Krymcky Val was opened 20th «Russian Art Week» – International project of modern art. Artweek, as it is names worlwide, represents interesting phenomenon of our actual life.

According to the exhibition manager Feodor Filkov, the event aims at promotion of modern Russian artists abroad. The promotion now is difficult: first of all, there is no «art-business in Russia, though we do have grand artists», at second, political confrontation provides obstacles for contacts. The project pretends to be one of the ways how to negotiate it.

Today the greatest interest towards Russian painters is noted from Asia, where master-classes are desired mostly. In Europe it is «queue waiting» for teachers of classis painting.

There was seen big variety among exhibits: Russian works and foreign works (Italian, Polish and others). This highlighted International meaning of the project, many-sided cultural exchange. Along with professional painters, amateurs participated there too.

If we name famous painters on the exhibition, we should mention A.D. Soudets («Dream of steersman» and others), member of International Association of Artists Unesco and winner of International competitions. The painter told about the exhibition: «We haven’t seen such events for a long time» and marked «courage of topics» chosed by authors.

Alexander Vlasov, member of Artistic Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists – IFA, laureate of International Competitions, believes he will be popular in Italy whom he loves. In Russia «audience is more limited», – he explained. But in the Wesr you need to have an agent, advertising and promotion budget. The Artweek opens him some new international opportunities.

Alexander Vlasov paintings at Artweek 2016

Feodor Filkov informs the project mainly represents 3 styles of the modern art:

1. Relism

2. Avanguard

3. Abstraction

At the same time, we could see different styles including icons there.

In addition, not big, but interesting art objects were found: musical instruments from company «Chemodan varganov», which attract attention of young visitors, and exposition of «painting on water» by Vera Kirilenko (VK-Colours).

Vera Kirilenko Water painting Artweek 2016

Sault of the event is daily master-classes, which offer everyone to paint small picture under look of professional pedagogue.

Ceremony of opening was accompanied by musique programme, started by Natalia Tretyak. Actress of «Vedogon-theatre» in Moscow nicely sang close to our hart Russian songs.

Natalia Tretyak singing at Artweek 2016

Under sounds of live musique people talked, negotiated and watched paintings. The exhibition was crowded. There were collectioners, agents and amateurs of art.

The exhibition is very modern. Novelty is even International Jury examination by Skype. Victory ceremony will be held on April 28, 2016.

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