1 from 10 french people thought of religeous way

According to double survey, held by OpinionWay for religeous conference in France (Corref), 10% of French people thought about monasticism as calling, ie were going to become a monk.

65% of respondents have a positive image of a religious person. There is a revival of faith among young French people, in the segment the rate is 15% – 18-24 years and 14% – 25-34 years.

In France the Church is separated from state, which is secular according to the Constitution. ОEducation in France is secular too.

During the time of the class order, after the concordat of Bologna in XVI, the king received the right to appoint prelates – the Catholic Church in France became national.

In the second half of the XVI century, the country underwent a religious war between Catholicism and Calvinism (otherwise Huguenots), ended with night massacre on St. Bartholomew’s day and the victory of the Catholic

On the eve of the French revolution (1789-1799) the Church’s position weakened, and the peasants at the time of the revolution refused to pay tithes, that was enshrined in the laws and entailed the reorganization of the Church community (civil device of the clergy) in the first 2 years of the revolution. The Church land had been selected and sold on account of public debt, the citizens began to choose priests and pay them a salary.

Then in the nineteenth century follows a number of oscillations in state policy towards the Church (concordat 1817, convention 1822, and others). III republic even closed educational institutions of the Jesuits and ordered the congregation to get permission from the government for their activities.

According to the law of 1872, to ask the religion is prohibited. In 1978 this principle was confirmed, banning the collection and processing of personal data like: on ethnic / religious affiliation, as well as political, philosophical and religious views. This does not apply to private voluntary public opinion polls.

As a result of all the way, very similar, alas, to Russian one, despite the many measures to oberdonau population, 11.5 million French people over the age of 18 consider themselves to be Catholics (about 35%; totally French population is 66.2 million, of them the respondents age group about 33 million).


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