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1’000 publications on chess will be available on the RSL web-site

14 February 2017 at the Pashkov House in Moscow, owned by the Russian State Library (RSL), it was decided to create an electronic archive of valuable publications written in European languages and devoted to chess .

Chess is one of the oldest intellectual games born in India in fifth century on the basis of the game called “Chaturanga” and then it was named “Chatrang”. In the XIII-XVI centuries, the Arabs brought the game to Europe, where it was transformed. Study and systematization of knowledge about chess starts in the XVI century. The Russian chess Federation was established in 1992. Among its projects – “Chess in museums”, National children’s championship, the tournament “White rook” among educational institutions, the championship of Russia on chess.

Among the books to be digitized there are rare editions created 3-5 centuries ago.

About 1’000 rare books will appear in digital format on the websites of the RSL (section of the project “Chess collection Renault”), the National Electronic Library (NEB) and the Russian chess Federation (RCF). The books will be available to anyone interested in chess, it will be completely free of charge thanks to the support of the French group Renault.

“Mass chess can be a very good tool for overall development of the country intellect,” – said at the signing ceremony Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy ofthe Chairman of the RF Government.


Geiler G. M., «Chess dictionary», – Moscow, «Physical education and sport», 1964.