04 July 2016 in the Moscow Conservatory will take place the mystery Angel fire

Мистерия "Ангел огня"

“Angel fire” – a mystery in explanation of Concerto No. 2 and Symphony No. 3 by Sergei Prokofiev, is expecting its listeners on July 04, 2016 in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

The music program is designed so that the viewer could understand the work by not only the ear but also by contemplation. The word mystery is of Greek origin (µυstήρioν – the Ordinance); it implies a musical-dramatic genre of the middle ages. This genre, opposed to a lyrical drama in Latin, supplied the action musical numbers in the national language, and not the whole performance consisted of music. The genre in its purest form existed until the XVI century, but then has influenced many musicians (R. Wagner, C. Debussy, B. Britten, etc.).

The concert was set on the idea of Andrei Korobeynikov (an outstanding Russian pianist and favorite of the last Tchaikovsky competition) graduated from Moscow Conservatory and is treated as innovator in the contemporary music world. The conductor – another famous graduate of the Conservatory – is Dmitry Kryukov, the conductor of state Rockapella and invited conductor of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia.

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) – Russian and Soviet composer, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory as a pianist and composer. The composer was a phenomenon innovative for his epoch. Prokofiev lived in a difficult period in the history of Russia, which was reflected in the works of the composer.

Prokofiev dedicated the second piano Concerto to M. A. Shmidtgof – his friend, who committed suicide in 1913. Symphony No. 3 (made from the Opera “the Fiery angel”, which was never staged during the life of the author) was written abroad, in 1928, based on the poetry of Valery Bryusov. “The fiery angel” develops the traditions of Russian recitative Opera by A. S. Dargomyzhsky and M. P. Mussorgsky.

By design, the mystery also includes the word art in the program with verses by M. Tsvetaeva, V. Bryusov, A. Blok in the performance of Alia Khisamutdinova (Moscow Artistic Theatre).

E Vesti, together with Artists and musicians, will present a series of video interviews about this concert. The audience will have the opportunity to learn about the production and hear from the lips of musicians the meaning of events and to penetrate the mysteries of music.

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